Handy Dandy Random Italian Phrases and Words

So you're going to Italy... don't you wish you had a whole arsenal of completely random Italian words and phrases that you could use at your whim? Sure, anyone can teach you "Chi ha pigliato il mio portafoglio!?" or "Who stole my wallet!?" but how many people are going to teach you, "Diego e' un rompiscatole!" or "Diego is a real pain..." (lit. translation is that he is a box-breaker).

That being said, here are some random phrases and words that you may or may not have a chance to use.

Ho calpestato una cacca - I stepped in some poo (considered to be good luck in Italy... but not when you're wearing shoes with treads)

Questo antipasto misto e' buonissimo! - This mixed appetizer plate tastes great (a typical antipasto misto might have prosciutto, sauteed veggies, olives, etc.)

Lasciami stare! - Leave me alone! (handy when being pestered by gypsies)

Che noia!? - What a drag/bore!

Salve, Giulia. - Hi, Giulia. (Salve is not the typical "ciao" you learn in phrase books but you'll here it in Rome and other towns... more of a local way to say hello)

La banca non e' aperta - The bank is not open (...and if it is open, a line only two people deep will take 1/2 hour)

Che fregatura - What a rip off! (fregare is "to cheat" but can also used in other ways like...)

Che mi frega - What do I care (though it's not as polite as it sounds in English. maybe you should stick to...)

Non m'importa - It doesn't matter to/It's not important to me (ahhh... that's nicer)

Andiamo a spasso - Let's go take a little walk (particulary useful on evenings when you see a lot of people enjoying a walk around the neighborhood after a long day at work)

Questo telefonino e' scaricato - This cell phone is dead (As in no longer charged. Italians looove their cell phones... expect to see plenty)

Non c'e' niente da fare - There's nothing to do (If you can't find something to do in Italy, you're not looking hard enough)

Mi piace acqua liscia / acqua frizzante - I like still water / sparkling water (Bottled water is standard when eating in Italy - most Italians like their water sparkling)

Che freddo! - What cold!/It's cold! (Italians seem to be paranoid about catching a little cold and are notorious for bundling up. If you have an Italian relative, they've probably pestered you about putting on a jacket when you just don't need one. They'll prod you to wear...)

Cappotto / Sciarpa / Guanti / Golfino - Coat / Scarf / Gloves / Sweater

Ma fa caldo! - But it's warm (...and that might be your response)

Sei ingrassato - You've gotten fat (If you have, they'll let you know. Of course, once you lose weight, like I did, then you get...)

Adesso sei troppo magro - Now you're too skinny (There's no middle ground, is there? That's when you can use... "lasciami stare")

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