Wallpaper's New City Guides

Wallpaper Magazine just rolled out the coolest little city guides. We spotted some at Barnes & Noble earlier tonight. We flipped through the Rome guide and then picked up a copy of the Madrid guide. They're compact and mostly focused on cool architecture, a few hip hotels, shops and restaurants. Each one also includes a little 24 hour itinerary for each city. They are by no means comprehensive but offer a nice taste of each destination.

20 guides were just published in October of 2006. Some of the main international cities include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome and Tokyo. Another 20 guides will come out in April with even more in October. Each one is only $8.95 and is available directly from Phaidon Press or via typical retailers like Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

By the way, while we're on the topic of Wallpaper, a recent issue includes a review of the new Design Suites Calafate. We were lucky enough at the Design Suites in Bariloche and simply loved the hotel. The new one in Calafate looks like it has taken design to another level - a stylish way to stay near the amazing Perito Moreno Glaciar.

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