Travelin' Babies...

It looks like there is a baby product page after my own heart. Go-baby.com is focused on providing products and advice for parents who like to travel with their children. Their focus is simple...

Go-baby.com is all about making traveling with children a more pleasant and easy experience. The site offers information, advice, gear, and some 80-odd products, all in one easy to surf setting. Says Lesser, "We are constantly expanding and changing but the basic aims remains the same...to make sure the headaches of traveling, especially these days, are lessened and that the trip can be entirely enjoyable. Ideally, we want parents to think of us as the first place to go when planning a trip."

Most of the products on the site fall into two basic

(1) Comfort for the children: "Our unofficial motto," says Maryann, "is 'If they are happy,
you are happy.'"

(2) Convenience for the parents: No more tripping through the airport, trying to lug gear that was not de
signed to travel

One cool item I spotted was the Pogy Travel Crib - easy set-up and breakdown when you're on the road. Pretty cool...

By the way, those infant fares I'm hoping to eventually find may be going the way of the Edsel. According to Go-baby, my favorite airline, Continental, offers fares at 100% for fare codes L/T/S/Q/X/W/I/U/V and 50% for the rest??? The rest? What rest? Are there any letters left in the alphabet? OK - maybe K is missing... I think I've had K fares before.

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