Sunday Round-Up

Here's the latest wrap-up of travel article from various English language newspapers...

Need a U.S. Passport Fast? Be Prepared to Pay - Los Angeles Times - Expedited service can cost... why it pays to plan, when you can.

Saving Your Trip - Dallas Morning News - How to deal with those unplanned emergencies that sometimes add some "spice" to travels.

East and West, Ancient and Modern Meet in Turkey - Houston Chronicle - One of the places on my "list" to visit someday.

Good Luck to a New Armenia - London Telegraph - A fascinating country with a troubled and painful history is aking a comeback.

Rules of the Ski Road Trip - Rocky Mountain News - While the article focuses on road trips from Denver, there are plenty of good tips here.

The Idyllis of Wight - The Seattle Times - Visiting the Isle of Wight off the southern coast of England.

Where the Dinner Table is an Altar of Thanks - New York Times - Sampling the culinary delights in Addis Ababa

New York Restaurant's $1200 Pizza - Sydney Morning Herald - Speaking of decadence...

Midnight Mayhem at Ill-Equipped Stansted - London Times - Some discount airlines in London fly out of Standsted. Fares are cheaper but the experience can be less-than desirable

Coast of Dreams: Sailing Croatia's Dalmation Coast - Miami Herald -Visiting the stunning Dalmation coast and it's seaside resorts.

Cairo to Capetown, By Bike - Charlotte Observer - You read that correctly... by bike!?

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