Apple Ice Wine and other Souvenirs

When traveling for pleasure (or business), we like to look for unique souvenirs - something that doesn't look the usual cheesy T-shirt or snowglobe but it more typical to a particular region or country.

On our last day in Montreal, we stopped by a local SAQ Express to pick up a bottle of wine for a friend. While there, I bought a small bottle of ice cider or ice apple wine for us to enjoy. You can pick up small gift-sized bottles for around $4.50 CAN at SAQ locations or larger bottles for under $20 CAN.

The brand on the left is what we picked up - Domaine Pinnacle Ice Apple Wine. Other brands that can easily be found include...

Merridale Estate Cidery
Cidrerie du Minot
La Fache Cachee' de la Pomme
Cidrerie Michel Jodoin
Domaine Steinbach

Of course, one of the most common souvenirs picked up in Canada is maple syrup. You'll easily find maple syrup for sale in areas like ByWard Market in Ottawa, grocery stores or souvenir shops. In general, you should pay around $4.50 CAN for a 250 ml jug of No. 2 syrup (most used for pancakes, waffles, etc.) No. 1 syrup is darker, richer and more expensive as it is typically used for cooking and by gourmands. Souvenir shops will overprice for maple syrup but you should be able to find good deals. Glass bottles shaped like maple leafs are much more expensive and don't travel as well. Plastic jugs offer good value and portability while cans of syrup are usually purchased by locals and are the least expensive. Tins, while attractive, don't quite travel as well if mishandled.

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