Smooth Skies in Denver

Well, as I posted yesterday, flight delays are up but for today, they don't seem to be happening to me. Am I speaking too quickly? Houston is clear... Denver is clear... could it be that I finally take off and land on time for the first time in who knows how long?

Headed to Denver this morning for a quick visit with one of my clients. We had a class taking place at a hotel in the Denver tech center. A great session, from what I saw. Thrifty was actually easy to work with today (another miracle) and the security line... well, it was miserably long this morning when I arrived in Denver - it was a breeze at 3:00. Denver's lines can be notorious.

So far, so good... let's pray that my streak keeps going. Just a few more e-mails from the President's Club. By the way, if you ever stop in Denver and are a President's Club member on Continental, the club is on the 4th floor in Terminal A - a really odd location (you'll see what I mean) but at least they have one.

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