Three Tips: Munich

Three Tips on
Munich, Germany

Provided by Horn Fans poster LonghornLawyer

1) Use Public Transportation: You can take the S-Bahn from the airport into the city. Once in the city, the subway and bus systems are remarkably easy to use, even for Europe. The only reason you would need to get a car is if you want to do a side trip outside of the city. Of course . . .

2) Munich Is A Great Base For Day Trips: Dachau, depressing though it is, is well worth the visit and is a very quick drive outside of Munich. Also, you can take the Autobahn toward Salzburg and visit Schloss Herrenchemsee, built by King Ludwig II to resemble Versailles. Ludwig's other castles at Neuschwanstein and Linderhof are also well worth a visit, though it would be a long day to do them all in a single day out of Munich.

3) Spend An Afternoon At the Bier Garten In The Englischer Garten: Along the way there, you can see the meadow where everyone in Munich gets naked to sunbathe. And even if you aren't there in September for Oktoberfest, you can get a bit of the Oktoberfest spirit at the biergarten under the Chinese Tower.

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