The Best Store in Houston

Two Saturdays ago, we met up with one of my clients who happened to be visiting Houston from Plantation, Florida. Here are a couple of tips on what to do in Houston, based on our activities from that morning.

One of our favorite places for breakfast in Houston is Buffalo Grille - an always buzzing breakfast place with two locations - one at 3116 Bissonnet (the original near Buffalo Speedway) and one at 1301 Voss (near Woodway/Voss). Now... mind, you... I call it a breakfast place. Tuesday through Saturday, both are open until 9:00. If they serve anything other than breakfast, I wouldn't know. I've never wandered from the breakfast menu.

Anyway, either location is a great place for a nice filling meal. Chances are that when you get there, the line will be out the door. Yes, it's that popular. Just remember three things... the line moves quickly, don't hold the door open (you'll let the A/C out) and don't hold a table until you place your order. The third point is particularly worth noting as it's considered poor form at Buffalo Grill to snag a table before you've actually ordered.

The pancakes are Buffalo Grill are legendary - unless you have a big appetite, you'll only need one. Waffles are quite large, too. I normally opt for migas (although not liked I used to before I lost weight), an omelet or breakfast tacos. Prices are reasonable and the menu is huge. Whatever you choose, you won't leave unsatisfied.

Now, when we went, we were at the Bissonnet location. From there, we drove east on Bissonnet, turned south on Kirby, headed under 59 and turned right on West Alabama until we got to the best store in town - Kuhl-Linscomb. Located at 2424 West Alabama, Kuhl-Linscomb offers a unique shopping destination with an overwhelming number of products. You could spend all morning here... housewares, furniture, fine china, bath and body products, accessories, linens, baby products, pet products, books, etc. etc. etc. Really, it goes on and on and on. The selection is dizzying. I can't even begin to list the product lines and many of them are completely foreign to me (that's because they are foreign). It's not a run-of-the-mill selection as many of the products are hard to find. Their web page offers a glimpse (and then some)

When you walk into the store, you'll soon realize that you've only scratched the surface. In fact, Kuhl-Linscomb is not only made up of the main storefront at 2424 West Alabama, it also encompasses four other buildings. These other buildings are actually houses that have been repurposed into retail storefronts. Buildings one and two, for example, house antiques, high end modern furnishings, linens, china, Alessi, baby furniture and accessories, etc. Building three is filled with modern pieces like Eames chairs, Starck designs, etc. Also, outside the main building, you'll find some interesting and quirky outdoor pieces as well as the entrance into the tiny but sometimes treasure-filled clearance room. You never know what you'll find in there.

It's Easy to Pass the Time at Kuhl-Linscomb

The national press caught on to Kuhl-Linscomb a long time ago and even international publications sing the store's praises. Whether you live in town or just happen to be visiting for the weekend, Kuhl-Linscomb could very well be considered Houston's most interesting and worthwhile store.

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