Looong lines at Hartsfield

Flew in and out of Atlanta earlier today to visit with a client. Here's just more proof that it's worth getting to the airport early... after having lunch at Joe D's, an Atlanta steakhouse, I headed back to Hartsfield only to find the longest security line I've ever seen in my life. Just downright brutal. The security line for elite and first class passengers took 1/2 hour - I can only imagine what the regular line was like. I made it to my flight after it had been boarding a while... no thanks, I'd rather get there early and check e-mail in the President's club rather than stress out over possibly missing a flight. Anyway, I heard the same was true yesterday - keep that in mind if have to catch a flight in Atlanta.

I'm off the road... for now. I may be heading to Denver for a day trip next week. We'll see...

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Anonymous said...

As someone who travels *frequently* through the Atlanta airport, I am appalled at the TSA's leadership and presence there. My 2 main gripes:

1) TSA's scheduling baffles me. If I were in charge, I would communicate with the airlines and run metrics to verify the "high traffic" times and schedule accordingly. I wasn't there when you were there, but I know I have seen MASSIVE lines for security and only 4-5 Xray lanes open. Clearly this is a staffing/scheduling issue, and really needs to be addressed. Thank goodness I get to take the "short" lines that my frequent flyer miles qualifies me for...

2) Call me crazy, but I thought TSA's main goal was to increase security at the airports. Don't get me wrong - I value their presence all over the country and *every time* I go through the lines I thank them for working and keeping me safe. But I have seen no less then three MAJOR security breaches in the last year at the Atlanta airport. 2 examples:

First - A man in a airport uniform walked out a door from the terminal to the tarmac. He did not use a code, so the door alarm was activated. It took more then 15 minutes until another worker came by and turned off the alarm. Who knows if the 1st guy was really an airport worker or not?

Second - I was in the TSA security line and someone walked off without their luggage. The security person "yelled" (ok, not really that loud) "did anyone loose their bag?" No one came for it and the TSA worker said "oh well, I guess they will figure it out eventually."

Hello? Isn't that one of the major warning signs - a bag left alone? The TSA worker's lack of concern or action really bothered me.

Oh my head - I've gotten on my soap box, sorry. But I do empathize with you on the security lines - no where in the domestic US is as bad (in my experience) then in Atlanta.

But don't let that detract you from traveling to my city... we have great things to do and see here... just plan on an extra hour at the airport! :)

-- jason