Here comes the rain...

There are some battles you fight and some battles when you must back down. The flooded streets of Houston are a battle not worth fighthing. A while ago, I was stuck in a parking lot across from my office... I tried leaving to avoid the brunt of this storm but the streets surrounding our building are all pretty flooded. Let's just say my car does not have much ground clearance so I headed back to the office.

Now I'm on the third floor... I just watched a mini-cooper barrel head first into the deepest part of our flooded parking lot. A tsunami of rainwater enveloped the car. What may have seemed like a smart idea at the time turned out to be bad bad news for the driver. She just pulled over after her tailpipe started spewing white smoke. Some blue car did the same thing and I watched as water poured out from under the hood. Yeah... I think I'll stick around. As for the mini-cooper... it's not going anywhere, either.

Again , it really does beat drought.

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